Some Examples of Fabulous Explainer Videos

There are many different ways to explain an idea or a product, such as: Conferences, PowerPoint presentations, giving a talk, etc… But, in present days what is really common and useful to express these ideas or products is Explainer Videos. It might be new, but it is taking huge audience really fast. Explainer videos consist on giving the explanation of a company idea, product or service through a short, fun animated video. These explainer videos need to have characters, voices, and of course, a story to tell. The story will be the way of describing and telling what the product is.

Maybe some people do not know what to become an idea, or even a product, into a story because sometimes it requires more than we think. However, what really matters is how to make clients identify with the idea you want to explain. If you have a company, then you would probably have producers and artists to help you out with the videos; but if you are by your own, there are huge quantities of explainer videos on the internet that will help you to understand and create your own explainer video.

Here is a small list of some examples of fabulous explainer videos which will catch your attention:

  • 1. Gigtown: this video explains how to use a mobile application to find musicians.
  • 2. ExplainerVideoStudio: great studio to get affordable and quality video.
  • 3. Wizzki: it is an explainer video for managing a hiring process.
  • 4. Pinterest: this video consists on describing how to use the social network “Pinterest” through a cute animation.
  • 5. Student Hut: it is explained how to use an application to students in order to discuss a class before deciding which course they should take.
  • 6. FileExpert: through this animated video, it is described how the Android app could be used to manage all type of files.